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My Dad and I visited Collins Bookstore in Croydon the other day to see how my books were going! I was quite excited when I found out that one of the copies had sold and the others were sitting on display in front of one of the counters! I’d been before with my Mum and my sister to drop off the books, but I hadn’t seen them sitting amongst the other books before then. I’ll be visiting again to drop off a small biography to go on display with the books (plus I’ll probably scour across the bookshelves in search of my next read – maybe The Maze Runner?). It’s amazing that I’ve been accepted into so many different stores now – and I hope to keep that number growing! Collins Bookstore at Croydon is a really great place to drop by, with such a wide variety of books and dvd’s (not to mention the fact they’ve got their own little dog wandering about!)

I’m having a lot of trouble writing at the moment due to Writer’s Block, which is seemingly incurable but I suppose I’ll just have to wait it out. Until then, I’ll be looking for inspiration and writing vague poetry to waste away the time.

Skye Lotus

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Book 5 is out!


I am soooooooo happy! I finally finished the StarryWings series! Book 5 was published not too long ago, which is great. I’m kind of sad too, because I won’t be writing about Star anymore. But I promise, I’ll still do stories on the kingdom and what it’s become because of what Star has done.

I’m looking forward to Dad editing the next series that I have in store for him. During the last year or so I wrote two books on the Greek Gods and such. It’s modern, involving a new goddess, who is the main character. She’s pretty cool. But in the next book, she’s the second main character, because the main character is a guy and he’s got superpowers. The girl is trying to make him help her on a quest for peace.

I’ve also got around four new stories started, and unfinished. Whenever I get an idea, I instantly start writing it down on our tablet, otherwise I just never get to it.  It took me a bit of  an effort to finish Starry Wings after I found out I had to rewrite it, but in the end, I managed! Its good that I have a nagging editor on my case 24/7, otherwise I may have never finished it. Thank you, Dad!

Well, hopefully I’ll have my next two books out soon. Until then, bye bye!

Skye Lotus

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Long time no see!


Oops – I haven’t written in a while! I’ve had a break, you might say. A break called the school holidays! I’m sorry, I’ve been busy. But back to business now. : )

I’ve been writing a lot. The fifth book is onto the editing stage! I’m very happy. And waiting behind it are – let’s see – three books for editing and around four different books still being worked on at the same time. When I’m writing, I can never just write one book at a time! If I get stuck, I can always try a different book until I’ve thought of what to do.

The gallery is on it’s way. I’ve got enough pictures for it to actually look like a gallery. I’ve been working very hard and trying new techniques. Here’s a hint on what they’ll look like; a japanese type of cartoon! It’s my favourite type of book to read and draw. Everyone I know knows I like this style of drawing a lot.

Well, let’s hope the gallery is posted by the next time I post!

Skye Lotus

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Excited for my new book series!

As I have already finished the fifth book of Starry Wings (which won’t be edited for a while yet), I’m onto a new series of books based on Greek Mythology, which I really enjoy reading about. I’ve always enjoyed the Greek Gods and other fantasy/legends types of reads, but writing about them is another tale to tell! It gets so hard when you’ve got so many words and you just want to keep going on with the story!

Sorry, since I haven’t had my Greek Mythology book edited, I can’t give you a taster yet! Be sure to watch out for one though, because I’ll be getting this book out not soon after the last book of Starry Wings out!

I have been browsing pictures for the background of this website…I’m looking for something manga-style, rainbow, with peace-signs, musical and/or japanese. Let me know in a comment about a website that might provide these types of pictures (for free downloads, of course!).

It’s school holidays for me now, so I’m looking forward to some serious writing sessions with my earphones in, concentrating. (And maybe singing my heart out ♥)

Peace to all!

Skye Lotus

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Hi, this is where I will be writing about my books; both those that are already out there (look for Skye Lotus in any good online bookstore), and those I have yet to write.

So far, I have the first four of my “Starry Wings” saga published via Smashwords.  For a bit more about these books, please use the menus above.