Signing Books and Other Events!

Hello all!


On Thursday evening I attended the Camberwell Dymocks Booklovers Signing event and sat next to the lovely Tracy M. Joyce who has also published her first novel! It was a wonderful coincidence, as our covers are very similar (female with bow and arrow accompanied by trusty wolf) but the stories are so different! It was a pleasure signing books next to her and I can’t wait to get started on her book, Altaica. You can check out her website here: Make sure to take a look at Altaica – a debut novel with a brilliant plot interwoven with moral and controversy. I sold and signed four books, which was a wonderful experience, and I hope to join in on this event again next time it comes around!

I’m also going to take this opportunity to say that the first four books in the StarryWings series have gone to free!  You can find these on iBooks, Smashwords, and lots of other online eBook stores. I’ve also been working on some artwork of the characters which you can see on my Facebook page.

Happy reading!