Dymocks Camberwell!

Wonderful news!  Aim is making it onto more book shelves every week.

This week, dad visited Dymocks Camberwell who are now stocking Aim.  It’s a great feeling to get my book into stores that have such a great attitude towards local writers, and that want to help young readers find something new to read.

Just take a look at their photo stream on Facebook to get a feeling for how much they do to encourage kids to read.


Aim is in store!

Super awesome news, guys! My latest book, Aim is now in Eltham Bookstore! Pretty exciting!

Dad and I visited the other day to show the book to the manager, Meera, and she’s agreed to take some copies and see what happens with them. Since we haven’t published with a big brand (Penguin, Allen & Unwin, for example) nobody is really in the mood for stocking it in piles, but I didn’t expect that since it’s only my sixth book.  Meera had some really excellent advice that for my next book I should go all the way – find a traditional publisher, try my hardest to polish it, and get the book distributed that way.

I’m willing to do this, of course, right after I get past this little writer’s block I’ve been dished out. I’m still writing, but the next book in the Aim series is already written up; it just needs to be rewritten, which is where I’m a bit blocked.

Being attached to it and enjoying some of the parts I’ve put into it, I am procrastinating and find it hard to start the book again (I’ve tried several times and all that’s come out is something thin and just terribly wrong).

In the meantime, I’ve started another book along with my other thirteen unfinished skits and have reached the threshold of 30,000 words – though this new idea is very long and detailed, and 30,000 words hasn’t even gotten the main characters to meet. So now, as I write this, even the ideas for that book seem to have stopped flowing. *sigh* I hate writer’s block. I still write, but it’s awful. ‘Nuff said.

So, here’s the link to Eltham Bookstore, because they’re awesome and you should check them out. Their bookstore has an awesomely wide range (including “The Fault in Our Stars”. Whoever stocks that book has to be amazing). Find them at https://www.facebook.com/elthambookshop

So, bye-di-bye. I think I’d better make another start on the sequel to Aim. *groans*

Skye Lotus
Floating on a lilypad, wishing she were watching BBC’s Sherlock Holmes
*sighs again*

New book cover revealed!

Extra-exciting news! My new book is coming out soon! 🙂

We’re still going through the process of looking through the hard-copy to see whether we’ve made any slip ups. I had no idea how much time it took for printed versions to be edited and published. You need all of these business entitlements and numbers and all this stuff I only half-understand. Thank goodness for my Dad! I wouldn’t be able to handle this all by myself and he’s worked so hard on it for me. So extra extra kudos to Dad.

"Aim" Book Cover

I’m not going to give you a preview of the words in the book, but I AM going to release the book cover for you guys to take a good look at. It’s not drawn by me, of course; its drawn by Maja Majetic – here’s a URL to her pure awesomeness deviantart page: http://shadowdragon22.deviantart.com – and I have to say nobody could have put my ideas for the cover down onto paper so perfectly. Maja managed to put every single detail of how I imagined the cover from pencil to…uh…digital screen, and it’s absolutely positively PERFECT. Three cheers for Maja, people. Maja is awesome.

So. I really hope you like the front cover. I adore it. I’m proud to say it’s the cover of my new book, Aim, based on Greek Mythology. There will be a sequel to it, but right now I’ve found that I desperately need to rewrite the second book (Yes, I’ve already written it, but it is not as good as I want it to be, that’s why I need to rewrite it.)

Also, keep an eye out on www.booksarecool.com because Stephanie who edited Aim for me has also written a cover reveal and will be writing more as the book is released.  Stephanie’s book reveal can be found here.

Have fun with whatever you’re up to, and keep an eye out. Aim will be out soon.