Excited for my new book series!

As I have already finished the fifth book of Starry Wings (which won’t be edited for a while yet), I’m onto a new series of books based on Greek Mythology, which I really enjoy reading about. I’ve always enjoyed the Greek Gods and other fantasy/legends types of reads, but writing about them is another tale to tell! It gets so hard when you’ve got so many words and you just want to keep going on with the story!

Sorry, since I haven’t had my Greek Mythology book edited, I can’t give you a taster yet! Be sure to watch out for one though, because I’ll be getting this book out not soon after the last book of Starry Wings out!

I have been browsing pictures for the background of this website…I’m looking for something manga-style, rainbow, with peace-signs, musical and/or japanese. Let me know in a comment about a website that might provide these types of pictures (for free downloads, of course!).

It’s school holidays for me now, so I’m looking forward to some serious writing sessions with my earphones in, concentrating. (And maybe singing my heart out ♥)

Peace to all!

Skye Lotus

Floating on a lily pad.