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School’s over (Woohoo!) and now is time for more writing at home! Recently at school I’ve had to do some writing, too, and I’ve enjoyed writing a short dystopian story and a short horror story. I know, the themes they give us are kind of dark, but it helps to be able to write different genres easily, so may as well start now.

Here is the dystopian story I wrote at school:

The One by Skye Lotus (2012)

Rikki nestled under one of the robotic trees and clicked open her hologram lunchpack. The same work meal as usual; preserved lollies, mint flavour. And some old, already chewed gum. A lucky antique to add to her gum collection.

Whit sat down beside her. He held nothing. Whit looked sadly at the mechanical tree and sighed.  “lt’s sad. There are no more proper trees on this world. All cut down.”  His voice sounded like grinding steel, and his silver-plated lips barely moved as he said the words.

Rikki rolled her sapphire eyes in exasperation. “They serve the same purpose, Whit. They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. The One was right to invent these PLANTation devices. This way, we can build as many building as we like where the trees used to be.”

“But these things run on oil. We’ve been lucky not to be working in the mines, trying desperately to find a well of oil. There’s barely any left, Rikki! What will we do then?” Whit cried.

“The One always has ideas up his sleeve, Whit. You need to trust people more.” Rikki scolded.

Whit looked down at his silvery hands, then peeled back a piece of metal to reveal the cogs inside.

“We drink oil, too. Look at us! We’re robots. We’re not what society used to be. We simply chew on things for flavour, not for eating. We never have any proper satisfaction.”

“You know that we replaced our bodies for mechanical ones because there wasn’t any oxygen left!  We have The One to thank for saving us. He had kept air in store for all of us whilst these PLANTations were being built.” Rikki snapped.

Whit spun around to face her. “Built! Built, Rikki! Trees used to be grown, nurtured with steady, warm, blood-filled hands, kept in luscious soil, watered daily with rain or tap water. We don’t get water rain, Rikki! We get acid rain. It destroyed the soil, and slowly, it will destroy the world!”

Rikki frowned. “Remember our titanium plating? lt stops the acid from getting down into the rock and causing magma flares. Another one of The One’s brilliant ideas. Everything we have now is thanks to The One. He saved us with his wonderful intellect.”

“But what will we do when The One dies? What if a problem appears, and we can’t find a solution?  We’re hopeless without him, Rikki! We need to be more independent!” Whit protested.

Rikki got up. “He is The One. He is the Only. We worship him. You are wrong to doubt him. The One won’t die. The One will never die. He will create a serum to make himself immortal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he already has.” She turned on her heel, and left.

Whit gritted his teeth. “Dammit!” He whispered hoarsely. He had to something about this. These PLANTation devices weren’t enough to restore oxygen to the world. Even though he didn’t breathe it, he wanted to. He wanted cool, fresh, unpolluted air to breathe. But with the acid rain and the factories of The One, it would be destroyed in an instant.

A hoax! Whit had been suspecting it forever. The One was keeping them as robots to earn money, no doubt. The air was breathed out and destroyed instantly by pollution. It was an endless circle.  Oxygen breathed out, destroyed in a second. These PLANTations were a distraction to keep robots belief in The One. Something big was going on behind the scenes. Whit knew it.

He stood up and looked through the Breath-Hole of the mechanical tree. The cogs were turning, the air being purified, then being sent out. Whit put a hand over the breath-hole and kept it covered.

The mechanical tree made a mad screeching sound as the air burst holes in the sides of the tree. The tree fell apart, the interior shining in the dimness.

Whit looked up at the unchanging grey sky. It was going to rain soon. Good. This way, the machine would be destroyed. The One would have to rebuild one, and Whit would have time to solve the problem.

The grey clouds cracked, and yellow lightning flashed. Green, sizzling acid rain poured down. Whit ran to the shelter of his workplace, smiling thinly. Stage one was complete.

“Boss! Boss! We’ve got a tree destroyed. The lightning hit it.” Whit lied, keeping a straight face.

His boss turned and stomped out to check the tree. He came rushing back in, looking annoyed. “Razed to the ground. Great. Now the oxygen plans are going to take even longer.”

Rikki was staring at Whit. “You did that, didn’t you? Why? Were you mad at me? Or was it to upset The One?!” .

Whit opened his metal mouth to say something, but Rikki cut him off. “You traitor, Whit! Now you have to be sentenced to death!”

“I don’t have to die, Rikki. You can just keep quiet!” Whit snapped.

Rikki glared at him. “I have to tell. I am loyal to The One. You are a saboteur. I will not have that!  Guards, guards!” She shouted.

Mechanical men with gold plated eyes rushed around the corner. “Take him away,” Rikki said, pointing at Whit, “He destroyed the tree, not lightning.”

Whit struggled in the grip of the guards. “Let go of me! I did not!” he cried indignantly, but to no avail.

“Let’s see what the truth serum has to say about that, hey?” One guard sneered. They dragged him away, laughing.

Whit was plonked down roughly in a chair. Almost immediately, a needle was jabbed into his skull of steel and the truth serum was running through his gears, slippery and cold.

A man accompanied by guards entered the room. He was bald, with pale, vampiric skin and black lips. He was human, unlike anyone else. He was probably kept inside at all times with the reserves of purified air to keep him alive.

He smiled thinly. “l am The One. I am The Only. You worship me. I have one question for you. Did you destroy that tree?”

Whit’s vision was blurry. “First of all, I do not worship you, pal. And I did destroy the tree. Just an act of defiance against your plans. What the hell are you scheming, you rat? You’re just tricking us for your satisfaction.” He snarled accusingly, his arms lying limp by his side. His mouth was numb and his brain was frozen. He could barely form the words.

The One let out a hearty laugh. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Now, that you’ve made this quick and easy, I can have you killed. I won’t have you publicly humiliated, just a quick, short death, right here, right now. No one will know you left.”

Whit managed to lift an arm and point at The One. “You are called The One. But someday, someone like me will rise again and knock you off your pedestal, rat. You will go down. And then, only then, will we restore earth. I know there’s other people like me out there. Be worried, rat. You’re about to be thrown out of your lab and into the real world. And it’s cold out there. Oh, and there’s no air, either. Hope you can make it!” He sneered.

The One rolled his eyes. “Make it snappy, pIease,” He said to a guard beside him, “I need to get back to work on that tree.”

The guard walked forward and injected another liquid into the gears. Water. Instantly, as it flowed onto the gears, they began to rust. And stop turning. “You will lose, rat. And your plans will go down with you.” Whit said, his voice slowing down. ”Soon. Soon, I promise you.”

He closed his ruby eyes, and all went black.

If we lived in a dystopian world that was viewed as a utopian world, would we be able to realize the truth?  And if so, would we defy anyone, or would we ignore it and find happiness with what we have?

I had to finish the story with a  philosophical question. We’d been working on philosophy, too, so our teacher thought it would be fun to mix two sessions together.

Well, hope you enjoyed it, even if it did have a blunt ending.

Skye Lotus

Floating on a lily pad