Long time no see!


Oops – I haven’t written in a while! I’ve had a break, you might say. A break called the school holidays! I’m sorry, I’ve been busy. But back to business now. : )

I’ve been writing a lot. The fifth book is onto the editing stage! I’m very happy. And waiting behind it are – let’s see – three books for editing and around four different books still being worked on at the same time. When I’m writing, I can never just write one book at a time! If I get stuck, I can always try a different book until I’ve thought of what to do.

The gallery is on it’s way. I’ve got enough pictures for it to actually look like a gallery. I’ve been working very hard and trying new techniques. Here’s a hint on what they’ll look like; a japanese type of cartoon! It’s my favourite type of book to read and draw. Everyone I know knows I like this style of drawing a lot.

Well, let’s hope the gallery is posted by the next time I post!

Skye Lotus

Floating on a lilypad