Book 5 is out!


I am soooooooo happy! I finally finished the StarryWings series! Book 5 was published not too long ago, which is great. I’m kind of sad too, because I won’t be writing about Star anymore. But I promise, I’ll still do stories on the kingdom and what it’s become because of what Star has done.

I’m looking forward to Dad editing the next series that I have in store for him. During the last year or so I wrote two books on the Greek Gods and such. It’s modern, involving a new goddess, who is the main character. She’s pretty cool. But in the next book, she’s the second main character, because the main character is a guy and he’s got superpowers. The girl is trying to make him help her on a quest for peace.

I’ve also got around four new stories started, and unfinished. Whenever I get an idea, I instantly start writing it down on our tablet, otherwise I just never get to it.  It took me a bit of  an effort to finish Starry Wings after I found out I had to rewrite it, but in the end, I managed! Its good that I have a nagging editor on my case 24/7, otherwise I may have never finished it. Thank you, Dad!

Well, hopefully I’ll have my next two books out soon. Until then, bye bye!

Skye Lotus

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