Collins Bookstore at Croydon





My Dad and I visited Collins Bookstore in Croydon the other day to see how my books were going! I was quite excited when I found out that one of the copies had sold and the others were sitting on display in front of one of the counters! I’d been before with my Mum and my sister to drop off the books, but I hadn’t seen them sitting amongst the other books before then. I’ll be visiting again to drop off a small biography to go on display with the books (plus I’ll probably scour across the bookshelves in search of my next read – maybe The Maze Runner?). It’s amazing that I’ve been accepted into so many different stores now – and I hope to keep that number growing! Collins Bookstore at Croydon is a really great place to drop by, with such a wide variety of books and dvd’s (not to mention the fact they’ve got their own little dog wandering about!)

I’m having a lot of trouble writing at the moment due to Writer’s Block, which is seemingly incurable but I suppose I’ll just have to wait it out. Until then, I’ll be looking for inspiration and writing vague poetry to waste away the time.

Skye Lotus

Floating on a lily pad.