New covers!


I’ve just finished drawing the new cover for “StarrWings, Sweet Dreams, Not!”. I’ve been redrawing and designing the covers due to the old ones being different to my new ways of drawing manga and anime people (though my anime and manga aren’t really up to scratch!). There will also be a new cover for “Frozen to the Spot”, as it needs updating, too!

School holidays are nearly over…looking forward to seeing my friends and writing more often! These holidays I’ve been a bit slack, but then again I have made a new cover!

Still working on the website background. Any suggestions? I’ve figured that my eye for bright rainbows will clash with the top bar with the manga and lotus flowers in the soft shades…I have found a background, but I haven’t yet been given permission to use it.

Peace to all!

Skye Lotus

Floating on a lily pad =D