GALACTOBALL, involves playing a game in a space that is collapsing, where the room to play reduces over time.  The game makes clever use of the accelerometer built into mobile (iPhone and iPad) Apple devices to allow the player to control the game by tilting the device.  You can also opt to use touch or an on-screen joypad to play.

GALACTOBALL is now also available on the Apple TV (4th Generation).   Play using the Apple TV Remote!  This game looks gorgeous on the big screen!

Carefully designed from the beginning, the timing of the game has been set to provide the player with a pace that is fun, challenging, and very playable.

Through successive levels of the game, new features of the game are discovered, adding complexity and challenge as the player becomes more proficient.

GALACTOBALL treats the player with bonus lives and powers as they reach higher levels.  These in turn allow the player to keep the game going; to build a higher score.

High scores can be shared with friends and other players via full Game Center integration.  It is also possible to share scores and screenshots with others via Twitter and Facebook on devices running Apple’s iOS 7.0 or later.

The artwork that gives GALACTOBALL it’s on-screen pizazz has all been carefully crafted to look beautiful on all of the Apple devices.