Want a fun app that helps teach and reinforce your first shapes, all while playing a game? Crazy Balloons – First Shapes is an engaging, fun game that will do just that!

Crazy Balloons – First Shapes was designed with input from kids, parents, as a way for children to learn, and practice recognising, their first shapes (and some fun ones too!) – all while playing a balloon-popping game that’s easy to learn but also a challenge.

Why Crazy Balloons – First Shapes? PKCLsoft creates apps that are affordable, educational, engaging and accessible – because all children deserve to learn and become proficient communicators and readers.

The benefits of playing Crazy Balloons – First Shapes include:

• Sight recognition skills increase
• Increased proficiency and fluency in reading and recognising numbers from 1 to 20
• Lots of audio processing practice
• Game play requires the player utilise visual scanning and visual discrimination skills

Educators will love being able to read a detailed report on each game a student plays and Crazy Balloons – First Shapes is also fully customisable:

• Set up a profile for each player and tailor the game play to suit each child’s strengths and challenges.
• Easily turn sounds and music on or off.
• Select the speed of play, how many balloons appear on screen and how many questions there are per game.
• Want to focus specifically on sight reading skills for older kids? Turn off the audible prompts!
• You can adjust the pitch and speed of the audible prompts used.
• Or make the game more challenging by hiding audible and/or visual cues and turning off hints.
• The game can be played with a compatible switch interface or bluetooth keyboard and switch settings can also be customised.

PKCLsoft takes children’s privacy seriously. Our apps have:

• a parental gate so children cannot access links outside the app
• no ads
• no tools for collecting or analysing user data
• no social media sharing
• no in-app purchases

For detailed information on our privacy policy, visit http://www.pkclsoft.com/wp/privacy
As a MOMs with Apps member, we follow the
“Know what’s inside” best practices for kids’ apps

At PKCLsoft we value your feedback so please email any comments or questions about Crazy Balloons – First Shapes to info@pkclsoft.com