Tips on how to play Wordy Tile

Discarding Tiles
To  discard a tile, long press the tile and it will start wiggling.  If you long press it again, it will be discarded, and added back into the stack of tiles.  When you discard a tile, you get 3 in return.
Adding a Tile
To add a tile, you tap on the “+” button up in the top-left corner.  The trick is, when you do that, you have to wait for a little while before you can use that button again.  This is to help prevent you (or your opponent) from just spamming the “+” button and claiming all the tiles.  Be aware also that when you request a tile, your opponent also gets a new tile.  That’s why you sometimes get a tile added automatically; because your opponent has requested a new tile.
You can use a normal pinch gesture to zoom in and out.  Sometimes tiles seem a bit small for me, so I added this in to make it easier, especially on smaller phones.  It’s worth noting that on the settings scfeen you can enable/disable a setting to let the app auto-zoom to keep your tiles on screen.  You can also rotate your device and play in landscape or portrait mode if that helps.
You can use two-fingers to pan, or move your board around, just in case there is a lone tile not on the screen.
At the moment, I don’t have many players in the game, so whilst you can play against other people via the internet, unfortunately most people are stuck with playing against the AI.  The AI is pretty capable, however I’ve tried to keep it fair by restricting it’s word usage, and slowing it down somewhat.
Word List
It’s worth being aware that the word list I have built into the game, is roughly the equivalent of the scrabble dictionary of 2 to 9 letter words.  Words longer than that won’t be recognised.  Likewise, 1 letter words are also not included.