Rep Timer

Be guided through your workout

Rep Timer is the timer you’ve been looking for! Rep Timer provides a simple, elegant way to time your holds without the need to look at your iPhone or Apple Watch. Just listen for the tone, or the tap on your wrist! And if you do look at it, it’s beautiful and clear, providing a clear and elegant visualisation of the hold, and rests.
It’s awesome! Need to change settings? Easy! Change them on one device, and they are conveniently and automatically shared to your paired device (in either direction!).
And if the app is open on both paired devices, starting your activity on one is automatically synced to the other!
Don’t have an Apple Watch? No worries, just use Rep Timer on your iPhone, and it will provide audible prompts, or taps (on a wooden table is awesome) to communicate.
What you see is what you get. Do you want more? Let us know, and we’ll look at adding in more features over time.
If you’re sick of ad supported apps, in-app purchases, or subscriptions, and you just want a simple timer that does what you need it to do, then Rep Timer is the app you’re looking for.
Rep Timer records any activities with HealthKit, so they count to your daily totals!
I wrote Rep Timer because I’ve recently been given a set of daily exercises to do at home, and whilst I love Apples Workout app, it was a pain when I’m in a 30 second hold, that I couldn’t look at my watch to know when it was time to have a break. Rep Timer lets me go into a hold, and just relax into it. When the tap comes, I know it’s time to rest, and I know that Rep Timer will let me know when to start the next hold.
I’ve built Rep Timer for my simple needs, and I’m sure that many people will appreciate a tool that it simple to use without all the fuss and bother of AI and spam generating subscriptions that just want their data.  Sometimes when all you have is a nail, a hammer is all you need.
Rep Timer doesn’t share or collect any data outside what you permit it to store in your own HealthKit on your devices.