Crazy Balloons – First Sight Words

Crazy Balloons - First Sight Words Recognition Game

Want a switch-accessible app that helps teach and reinforce how to speak, read and spell words, all while playing a game? Crazy Balloons Words is an engaging, fun activity that will do just that!

Crazy Balloons Words was designed with input from kids, parents, teachers and therapists as a way for children to learn, and practice recognising, high-frequency words – all while playing a balloon-popping game that’s easy to learn but also a challenge.

Why Crazy Balloons Words? PKCLsoft creates apps that are affordable, educational, engaging and accessible – because all children deserve to learn and become proficient communicators and readers.

The benefits of playing Crazy Balloons Words include:

  • Sight word recognition skills increase
  • Increased proficiency and fluency in reading
  • Lots of audio processing practice
  • Game play requires the player utilise visual scanning and visual discrimination skills

Educators will love being able to read a detailed report on each game a student plays and Crazy Balloons Words is also fully customisable:

  • Create your own word lists, and share them via eMail, Messages or Airdrop.
  • The app supports iOS 7’s localisation features for both language and voices. Create word lists in other languages!
  • Set up a profile for each player and tailor the game play to suit each child’s strengths and challenges.
  • Easily turn sounds and music on or off.
  • Select the speed of play, how many balloons appear on screen and how many questions there are per game.
  • Want to focus specifically on sight reading skills? Turn off the audible prompts!
  • You can adjust the pitch and speed of the audible prompts used.
  • Or make the game more challenging by hiding audible and/or visual cues and turning off hints.
  • The game can be played with a compatible switch interface or bluetooth keyboard and switch settings can also be customised.