Hoot and Squeak Maths

Practice maths and help Hoot sleep!

Hoot and Squeak Maths provides a new enjoyable environment for your students and/or children to practice their basic arithmetic.

It has a simple, friendly user interface that provides you with the ability to tailor what sort of questions are presented, and how difficult they are.  

A game involves a number of questions, where the aim is to stop Squeak the cheeky monkey from climbing high enough up the vine where he can wake Hoot the Owl who just wants to sleep.

Answering a question correctly invokes a fun animation, and hinders Squeak in his climb.  Answering incorrectly simply allows Squeak to climb higher.  It’s always fun; there are no negative experiences.

There are three levels of play. Each presents a quiz of multiple choice questions, where the largest number in any question is limited by what you have configured on the settings screen.

You can choose any or all of:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Division; and
  • Multiplication

The app focuses on numbers no larger than 144 (fitting in with the standard 12 Times Tables) though you can reduce this as appropriate.

Each level of play presents a different number of questions:

  • Easy: 12
  • Medium: 24
  • Hard: 36

Students can play over and over with an aim of both memorising their basic arithmetic, and, by answering faster, gaining a higher score.

Hoot and Squeak Maths is fully compatible with the Apple Schoolwork app, so as a teacher, you also have the ability to create a lesson, share it with your class and let them do the lesson in their own time or as homework!

Hoot and Squeak Maths also supports full VoiceOver based navigation on iPhone, iPad and Mac.  No one is left out.