Tap Times Tables

Tap Times Tables, a fun way to learn

Tap Times Tables is a wonderful learning and practising tool for kids in grades 4 to 6 (or higher for some of us) that need some help with their Times Tables.

It provides a fun, friendly interface that enables kids to improve their knowledge of the all-important Times Tables in an interactive and encouraging manner.

It uses positive reinforcement to help the kids move forward with their learning.


  • Made in Australia. PKCLsoft is an Aussie independent developer of kids iPhone/iPad apps.
  • Works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Share it around the family!
  • Multiple modes of learning.
  • Rewards for completing / mastering each times table!
  • Multilingual. Supports English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Serbian (both Latin and Cyrillic)
  • Fun learning calculator so that kids can ask questions, not just answer them.
  • Highly configurable. Choose 1 table at a time or up to 12.
  • Timed questions add to the fun of learning.
  • Tips and tricks are displayed throughout the game.