World of Hex

A strategy game so big, it needs the whole world!

World of Hex, A strategy game so big, it needs the whole world!
Feeling like it’s time you made your stamp on the world?  Has the fact that the world as we knew it is over left you wanting to do your bit for your faction?

With World of Hex you have a chance to do just that.








World of Hex is a game of strategy game played on a game board as big as our solar system!








The land-masses of the worlds are divided into hexagonal tiles, and each of those tiles is a game board that has a state that is alive in the cloud.








When you play a game within a tile, that tile stays as you left it until either you, or another player chooses to play there too.

So you can claim territory in the world by playing and winning, but you don’t only play for yourself; you play for your faction.

So what happens when you aren’t playing?  What happens to the territory you’ve claimed?  Well, you have an AI that will defend it for you.

When you start playing, your AI will only know a couple of commands, however as you build up more XP and level-up, you’ll be able to configure your AI to do more, and defend your territory with more ability.

If you like a strategy, turn based board game, then this one is is both simple to play but world spanning in it’s scope.

Please note that World of Hex makes extensive use of iCloud and CloudKit and as such, requires you to be logged into iCloud on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.  You will be prompted on first launch to authorise this.

Note: World of Hex should run on any device running iOS 9.3 or later, or tvOS 9.2 or later.


World of Hex Story

Society as we know it has failed.

Thanks to flawed political systems, global warming, and the reckless exploitation of resources, all of the old boundaries and loyalties are gone.

We live in a world where everyone belongs to one of four factions which are constantly vying for control over the Earth.

Earth’s land areas have been divided into world tiles.  Control over these world tiles is contested by members of each faction.

This is where you come in.  The more often you play, the more you can do for your faction.  Your faction needs you!

Each world tile is further broken into territories. Control of a tile is achieved by ensuring that your faction controls the most territory within the tile.

Territory is claimed by building settlements that influence the surrounding territory.  Enemies can threaten you, and overwhelm you if you don’t defend effectively.

Settlements can be reinforced either by building them up, or spreading out and taking neighbouring territory.